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Happiness is a great cheesecake!

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Pantagis Diner, generous portions including breakfast served 24 hours everyday.

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Guests accustomed to delicious meals, generous desserts and superior service. The tradition of great food and hospitality continues.

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The tradition continues!

Judy from Alabama
Thanks to Nick and all the wonderful for such nice experiences… and of course the cheesecake! We shared with our friends upon return to Alabama and they loved it too. Declared it the “best ever.” Of course we agreed. Nick, if you ever go back to Opelika, stop and see us. We’ll treat YOU to dinner! Thanks again.

Peter from Boston
Brought a Strawberry Cheesecake back to Boston for my love… She loved it! Thanks guys!

Rita from Jackson, NJ
I love it! The best cheesecake!!

Best Diner in NJ…

Wish I could be there but Nebraska is a long way from there. Was there in April and it was excellent. Have a great weekend. (in response to Mother’s Day post)

Local Review Article for Best Desserts