The August 2013 issue of Inside Jersey Magazine has a great article written by Pete Genovese. He called Pantagis Diner the best diner for desserts in the state of New Jersey!


“The recipe is my father’s recipe, Nick Pantagis,”said Stephen Pantagis, who opened the diner with his father in 2008. “The recipe dates back to the 1970s,(and has had) a number of contribution over the years and was inspired by the old Clairmont Diner and the Circle Diner in Flemington.


“The cheesecake became a huge success from day one, “Pantagis said, adding that their version of this much-loved dessert is known for its creamy texture.


The diner churns out a number of varieties; their deviation from plain cheesecake began with the additions of apple and Georgia peach.


“The baker was amazed at how many peach cheesecake orders he was getting,” Pantagis said,”so he asked if he could make two unique cheesecakes. The first was butterscotch cheesecake and then chocolate-covered raspberry cheesecake, and boy, did they take off.”


Then came tiramisu and baklava cheesecake, the latter of which was inspired after the elder Pantagis tasted one in Florida. These days, the diner’s ovens churn out more than 20 different varieties-among them are peanut butter, red velvet, Kahlua, amaretto and chocolate ganache. The diner also makes their signature dessert for weddings, and in the shape of hearts.